Taiwanese Enterprise Want Want Group Awarded 6 BRCGS Grade A Certificates, A Rare Sight in the Industry

The “Want Want BRCGS Certificate Awarding Ceremony,” jointly held by the Want Want Group and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd., took place in Shanghai on Aug 5th, 2020, to commemorate the 6 BRCGS Grade A certificates awarded to Want Want Group’s Guangzhou Production Base. Among the honored guests was Anthony Lidong Liang, Approved Training Provider as well as regional head of Great China at BRCGS.

(Anthony Lidong Liang, regional head of BRCGS Great China)

BRCGS operates a globally recognized third-party certification scheme; their GFSI-recognized (Global Food Safety Initiative) “Global Standards” have set a benchmark in the industry. Formerly known as British Retail Consortium (BRC), a trade association for the U.K. food retail industry, it was renamed BRCGS has transformed into a name synonymous to benchmark standard in setting requirements for food safety, quality, and manufacturing regulations, ensuring that food manufacturers adhere to legislative requirements while protecting consumer rights. The BRCGS Standard was among the first food safety standards to be recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is now widely adopted across the world. At the ceremony, regional head Liang shared the exclusiveness of BRCGS standards, offering congratulations to Want Want Group for securing 6 Grade A certificates at once.

(Yong-Mei Cao, managing director of the Manufacturing and R&D Group at Want Want Group)

Yong-Mei Cao, managing director of the Manufacturing and R&D Group at Want Want Group, offered a retrospect into Want Want’s history of dedication towards food safety and quality. Ms. Cao noted that food safety and quality are the pillars of Want Want Group and, given today’s constantly evolving social developments, Want Want’s “prestigious brand name” will only stand the test of time if continuous progress is made. As a GFSI-recognized scheme, the BRCGS Standard has long been a pennant in the global food safety management system. The adoption of such rigorous management principle echoes Want Want’s philosophy of demanding “perfection inside and out” from their products.

(Hongdao Mei, chief director of Want Want Group’s Department of Overseas Development)

Hongdao Mei, chief director of the Department of Overseas Development at Want Want Group, spoke in an interview about Want Want’s business dealings with clients from over 60 countries and regions around the world, from Asia, Europe, North and South America, Oceania, to Africa. Mei stated that

Mei commended the production bases for earning 6 BRCGS Grade A certificates at once, stating it was recognition towards Want Want’s outstanding production quality that will reassure overseas clients of the company’s product quality superiority, in turn reinforcing the trust placed by clients and consumers.

“From ISO and HACCP to BRCGS and FSSC, Want Want’s pursuit of exceptional quality has remained unwavering. Meanwhile, we have been working on Want Want’s standardized production management system WSM, which combines four elements of management – quality, production process, the environment and employee health and wellness and training and development programs. This WSM management system is the secret to our company’s ability to acquire the highest standard of food and safety — such as BRCGS and FSSC 22000.” The 6 Guangzhou manufacturing bases of Want Want Group winning the certificate is a result of our  6-month reformation plan aimed at elevating our standards both in terms of product and quality management system. Despite the challenges set forth by COVID-19, the plans were perfectly executed, displaying high-caliber executional capabilities.

(From left to right: Regional Head of BRCGS Great China Anthony Lidong Liang, Managing Director of Want Want’s Manufacturing and R&D Group Yong-Mei Cao, Deputy Director of Want Want’s Manufacturing and R&D Group Quality Centre Huimin Yu, and Sales Director of Lloyd’s Register Food Safety and Customized Assurance Department North Asia Division Guangri Jin.)

The certificates at this ceremony were awarded to Want Want Group by the world’s leading certification service provider – Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Lloyd’s Register was the first organization in the world to be recognized by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and was approved as a 5-Star Rated Certification Body by BRCGS; it is an authoritative power in delivering food safety certifications and solutions by standards such as BRCGS, HACCP, ISO 22000, and FSSC 22000.