About the cartoonist

Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University, HOM has worked in the mass media industry and the games industry. Her works centers around the nobodies in big cities, where the keen depictions of sincere interactions between people are the signature feature.

In recent years, HOM expands her creative touch to exploring social issues: the encounters her characters face in the works are oftentimes reflections of the conundrums of real life, which are all thought-provoking.

  • Golden Comic Award(Taiwan), 2018, Youth Comics Award
  • Golden Comic Award(Taiwan), 2019, Youth Comics Award
  • Golden Comic Award(Taiwan), 2020, Comics of Year

Latest Work


Le-gao, who manages a fried chicken stand with his father, is smeared in an online gossip forum. As trolls launch an all-out attack on him in the name of justice, how will Le-gao get himself out of cyberbullying?

Three people decide to form a marriage of convenience: Do-ya wants a child, Huan-yuan has to please her parents, and Cheng-hao wants nothing but being together with Huan-yuan. Can a marriage without love, and love without marriage work?

These are stories that take place at the corners of a city. They are stories of our shared experience that make up the everyday scenes in Taipei.